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Hallo Markus!

It's the same to me, and I think to all other users. Don't know why the Film Emulation got lost. It is one of my favorite features in G'MIC. I think we should ask Mr. Tschumperlé from G'MIC about that. But maybe it will be loaded by "Loading external Data" (under the category "About"). The Film Emulation contains a large amount of data, maybe the G'MICers didn't want to build to big download-packages. I will try this and tell you about the result.

Edit: Ah, it seems like the Film Emulation moved to the category "Colors" and is now called "Simulate Film". Makes sense. If you miss some features in the future, try searching them by using the search-field at the top of the G'MIC-Interface. This may help in many cases.

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