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Idee [MeetTheGIMP] - Back again!

The domain is restored and the 90€ max were 107.10€. Ok, we hadn’t talked about MwSt (VAT).
The story in short words:
I had the server at a small virtual hosting company in southern Germany, called Korypet. Excellent service for a reasonable price. No comparison to the big guys in the business, the server was nearly always performing very well and had enough room in his host to breathe.
Mr. Hovorka, the owner (and main worker) was very friendly, helpful and super fast in fixing stuff. Once I thought that I had to upgrade and instead of taking the money he took some time to tell me how to squeeze more out of the machine. No extra charge.
Well, he got very sick and the company collapsed around him. With Marcin’s help the missing server was replaced in no time. But I had also registered my domains with Korypet. They had promised to keep their service up until 2009, no renewals please, but fulfilling old contracts. I wanted to switch to a different registrar after my class trip and the grading hell I am just in.
Well, while I was on the class trip, Korypet must have collapsed fully. The domain was unknown to the root servers and up for deletion, my other domain had also vanished. Someone must have panicked and pulled all plugs. I don’t want to imagine what has happened there - nothing nice, I am sure.
I found out that was the registrar through which Korypet had registered my domains and contacted them.
No problems with my .de domain, but the .org was a different story. It had to be resurrected from the dead by the top registering body - not possible by automatic processes. So they would have to charge me these ominous 90€. Alternative: wait 30 days and re-register. This please, before someone other picks it up. I took the costly option.
On the other side a lot of positive stuff has happened. More in tomorrows show!
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