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Idee [MeetTheGIMP] - Episode 056: Meaningful Black and Ironing Aprons

What’s “meaningful black”? It’s a concept out of the book “Welcome to Oz” from Vincent Versac. It’s for this other program, but I try to convert it to GIMP. It’s not so easy - so we have to write a script to do the tedious work.
Information about the Zone System is at Wikipedia and a lot of other sites. Chris Marquardt has made a simple version of it for digital cameras.
At the end of the video I do some ironing. I made some promotional images for our organic shop around the corner. The team had donned brand new aprons with all the creases from packing still in them. Awful! I show you a way to iron them out after the shot. BTW, this works too with wrinkles in the skin of a portrait model.
The “Old Ink Challenge is still open. Give it a try!
I also have some updates about the forum and ask for input with a new design for this web site. Daniel (DRB) is helping me a lot - and he has made a great interactive and collaborative storytelling site at . If you are into telling stories with a twist or reading them - check this out and help him to build this up.
This video has ben rendered in a different way. Is the problem still there that it calls itself a MP3 audio file? Is it playing everywhere?
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